Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Silversmithing Short Course NMIT

The NMIT silversmithing short course begins on the 21st January, 2013.  

For those who are interested in silversmithing this course is designed for beginners who wish to know the basics of silversmithing, though it also accommodates those who do have silversmithing knowledge.
There are choices in the objects that can be made from vessels to rings.  Last years first class unanimously wanted to know how to raise a vessel and forge a spoon.   Click here to view their amazing work.

To enrol go to the NMIT short course web site:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Silversmithing Short Course NMIT First Class

We were all a little sad

The reason?  The first class of the Silversmithing Short Course has just come to an end.   
Each participant made a small vessel and a spoon - projects chosen by the participants.  
Technical ability varied from beginners wanting new experiences to those with experience who wanted to play with no set outcome. 

It is hard to see with my poor photography but this vessel tapered to a point, breast like.
(The image below shows a better angle).
The spoon has an elongated bowl and a hook at the other end.

The maker of this vessel made her own stake to planish on.  
The bowl fits neatly into the hand while the spoon has a bowl at both ends.

This vessel is very solid and is designed to be reminiscent of a turkish coffee cup ( if I remember correctly).  The spoon has a small round bowl and a twist at the other end.   An anti-clastic stake was also used.

This vessel was raised quickly by a skilled silversmith and the form then pulled and pushed over stakes to acquire the ridges.

This vessel is very evocative.  The sea can be heard when placed to the ear.  The spoon was simply formed with a round handle and a shallow dish.

Completely amazed at what was achieved.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Copper Vessel With Anticlastic Handle

Anticlastic Raising
I have began to test my new stake, an anticlastic stake that has been made for me.  (I will try to remember to post an image.)  I have also been thinking about handles and spouts, and ways to form them within the vessel as it is being formed.


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Sunday, November 11, 2012


A short course in silversmithing has begun at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, Fairfield.  I am the teacher.  It has been running now for four weeks and the students seem very excited.

I know that I am.

Details concerning the course can be found here